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Adult Digital Solutions has allowed many clients to become 2257 compliant. This has included created custom software
which integrates with existing databases with adult sites as well as "checking" scripts which aim to make sure that all the data
collected is actually consistent. We have also implemented 2257 maintenance scripts which go into a site and do weekly
or daily compliance updates, all through a simple web interface.

Our 2257 technical services are the easiest and most accurate method to insure that your Adult Site is fully compliant. Our
experienced team will do all the processing work for your site making sure that all of your model and production records
are also 2257 compliant. This also means that your site will mirror your offline database so that nothing that is published
or sold is without complete documentation.

Imagine how much valuable time and resources your company may be using to focus on 2257 compliance where this time
could be better spent on building your business.

Here are just a few of the 2257 compliance services we offer:

* Check to see that records are indeed complaint

* Inform the client that models/production issues

* Correct compliant issues with new information

* Scan and produce PDf documents of all compliance data

* Enter all model and production information into our custom database system

* Create databases online with cross-referencing capabilities

* Make records available online and offline as well as to outside vendors if required

* Create online model database with all 2257 information

* Create a new ready to sign compliance agreement

* Create ready to file hardcopy production folders for all requirement information

* Create CDs and DVDs of content required since 2005.

* Store all hardcopy information in secure data centers.


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