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Looking for a way to provide content to your viewers using a simple web interface?

We have provided many custom content delivery systems for photo and video content for adult sites, including high sophisticated
backend automation, high load monitoring and high load capabilities as well as custom features such as voting, bookmarking
content and creating custom user accounts.

All these content delivery systems we have provided have enabled adult sites to focus on building their business rather than the
mundane daily routine of updating their sites manually.

Our content scripts also monitor themselves to make sure content is fast and is updating correctly. Our content scripts also
protect against abuse such as hotlinking in non-protected areas, limiting the amount of the content a user can download in one day
as well as controlling the speed as which users can download different types of content.

Our content delivery systems are all template driven using PERL and are very simple to modify or to add to. We use Mysql which
works well on most Unix systems and require very little CPU resources in order to run even under extreme use.

Our content system has been tested by tens of thousands of users and have performed flawlessly.

Our content delivery system can also integrate with our dynamic DNS systems, our server monitoring systems and even our 2257
compliance scripts. Thus allowing even a smaller adult site to look like a much much bigger site.

We are familar with many well known CMS systems such as;

* Joomia
* Wordpress
* Elevated X
* Sitedepth

And many more.


AdultSiteCMS - Created by AdultDigitalSolutions
Buy the simplest to use Content Management Program ever made!
Built on the world famous Wordpress platform!

* Bulk File Uploading * Embed Flash Video * Auto Thumbnailing * Post Date Publish
* SEO Friendly * Customizable Templates * Multilingual * Enhanced Security
FROM JUST $249.95!


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