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Adult Digital Solutions has created hundreds of custom programs over the past ten years. We hand-code all our software
and have some of the top programmers available on-staff.

We support all the products that we create and have a 24/7 support team in place in order to fix any issue with our
applications. We thoroughly test everything we create before we release it and beta-test under all of the major
browsers in order to make sure that our applications are 100% compatible with the user experience you are
trying to create.

We have a very knowledgeable team in various programming and development techniques, including:

* High Level PHP Programming
* Java, JSP, ASP, net
* Hand Code HTML, CSS, Smarty and JavaScript
* Coldfusion
* High Level Perl Programming
* C++, MS SQL, Oracle
* MY SQL, MS Access, MS Visual Studio
* Adobe Apollo
* Flash Programming, XML
* Database Programming
* API Programming and Billing Integration

We can also provide custom development for applications, including:

* E-commerce (shopping carts)
* VOD systems and Online-Chat Softwares
* Content Management Systems (CMS)
* Automated image and video conversion and delivery
* Social Networking Sites
* Password Management and Website Security
* Website reporting and analysis
* Email and Mailing list Programs
* Indexing and Search Programs
* Forums
* Monitoring Solutions
* Firewall Solutions
* Database Programs

As well as many many more.

We are very familiar with many types of Unix Platforms and Microsoft Web Server Applications such as IIS.

You can select to work specifically with our in-house designers or use your own to achieve whatever custom
user interface you can envision. We are also every experienced in creating applications which are designed to run
under very high-load levels (especially required by the adult industry.)

Our development team consists of database experts, coders and high-end developers, which can make almost
anything you can imagine possible.

Contact us about the solution you need.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Looking for a way to provide content to your viewers using a simple web interface?

We have provided many custom content delivery systems for photo and video content for adult sites. Including high
sophisticated backend automation, high load monitoring and high load capabilities as well as custom features such as
voting, bookmarking content and creating custom user accounts.

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Database Programming

MySQL and SQL custom programming to interface with almost any kind of data retrieval you can think of. Our
programmers well versed methods to optimize and integrate with many different databases. We can work with
you to make sure your data is redundant, secure and stable.

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Billing Integration

The world of payment processing in the high-risk online industry can be very difficult to understand, however, can
be one of the most important decisions a company may make.For over ten years, we have worked with some of the
top gateways in the industry. We have integrated hundreds of web sites with the top billers in a quick and secure manner.

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Shopping Cart Development

Looking for a custom shopping cart experience or needing to integrate a shopping cart into your payment processor?
Our highly skilled team can create almost any shopping experience you can think of. From downloable clips for sale to
custom design and implementation, our programmers have created many solutions which have become some of the most
successful e-commerce adult sites on the web!

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Video on Demand Development

Develop a custom VOD solution for your site, add live webcam chat or just provide pre-recorded videos to your
customers. Our VOD software allow you to create solutions for your company such as membership payment models,
pay per minute models or pay per download or time models. Videos are fully protected via DRM or embedded using Flash.

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Password Management Development

Adult Digital Solutions has provided password management for some of the world's top Adult Sites. We have protected
sites from hackers for almost eight years with our custom password scripts.

Our scripts also provide enormous security and flexibility with the ability to turn up security measures or add different
subscription levels through an easy to use web interface.

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