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Adult Digital Solutions has partnered with an experienced Adult financial company in order to provide expert advice and aid
Adult online companies in getting and keeping U.S based merchant accounts.

We have relationships with some of the top banks in the U.S including Humbolt Bank and Signature Cards. We also understand
the various software platforms and can easily setup your company with a host of billing providers including Paycom,
Netbilling and Jettis.

Let us provide you with ability to financially control your Adult business while saving money and not paying 13-15% to
companies such as CCBill. Merchant account rates can be as low at 1.77% per transaction (not including processing fees.)

We the ever changing nature of the Adult business and the constantly changing government restrictions, let us help you
“own your customers” no matter where you do business.

Visa regulations have made many in the industry wonder what could be next for the adult online industry when it comes
to financial restrictions.

Don’t let your business be at risk!

Own your own merchant account today and take control of your business!


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