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Integration Mind

Comprised of a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, programmers and project managers whom, over the past ten
years, have specialized in providing integration services for a select group of clients.

Since 1998, our team has focused on providing billing integration services for many high-risk web businesses.

Our team is also fully knowledgeable in developing and supporting software programs such as NATS and its ability to provide
cascading, (among many other features) as well as creating custom integrations with shopping cart systems.

We provide services on the corporate level (directly to billers or between billing companies) and directly to the client or
webmaster in need of a cost effective and speedy integration solution.

Integration Mind.com

Translations XXX

Website translation is one of the most cost-effective methods used today to reach international markets. While it is true that
English is one of the most prevalent second languages, and people in many Lands read and understand English, cultural
differences can lead to misunderstanding the ‘intent’ of your message. Consumers are most likely to feel more comfortable
buying your products and services if you speak to them in their native language.

We specialize in Adult website translations. We will ensure your Adult website presents your information using the correct
terms and wording in order to attract more visitors and members, and thus, maximizing sales of your adult products.

Translations XXX.com


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