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Adult Digital Solutions has provided password management for some of the world's top Adult Sites. We have protected
sites from hackers for almost ten years with our custom password scripts.

Our scripts also provide enormous security and flexibility with the ability to turn up security measures or add different
subscription levels through an easy to use web interface.

Our password management programs can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing site. We can install our scripts
on both Unix and IIS systems and have integrated our scripts with almost all payment processing providers. We can
have also created many custom Apache Modules which work to keep your site fast and abuse free by monitoring user activity.

Our password scripts can also be modified for almost any purpose you can imagine including redirecting users depending
on the payment processor that they are linked to as well as allowing for cascading and affiliate site integration of user information/

We have also created custom scripts which deal with failed password requests, the creation of simple support forms
to deal with password issues as well as GEO tracking and tracking of user activity for marketing purposes.

If you are looking for a stable and secure development solution for your password management, our expert team can help you
in create something which can be very beneifical.


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