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Adult Digital Solutions can provide high quality, video encoding for adult sites and Digital Rights Management for Window
Media video files.

Video and audio conversion for the Adult Industry

Batch convert your video or audio into almost any format you can think of.

If you are looking to convert your video or audio content into a particular format, just let us know, chances are that we can help.

We have become experts at batch converting software using the highest quality compression algorithms We can make your
content look great at the smallest sizes available.

Some of the formats and codecs we can convert to and from.

* Sorenson Video
* RealVideo
* RealAudio
* Mpeg-4
* Clear Video
* VDOLive
* Lite VDO
* Divx
* Windows Media
* Quicktime
* Cinepak
* Xvid
* OpenDivx
* DV Codec
* Motion Jpeg

We can transfer your video in almost any format to the above codecs and video and audio formats for DVD, CD, VCD or web

Digital Rights Management

Adult Digital Solutions can encode your content using Windows Media 11 DRM policies.

Basically, your video or audio files can be protected using a DRM key which is attached to each file while it is being encoded
from your original files.

DRM keying works best for protecting content in member only sites. These are sites which require a password authentication
in order to continue to gain access to content. Typically most member sites charge their members a one-time or recurring fee
using such processing companies as: Paypal, CCBill, Ibill, Authorize.net, Jettis, DHD and many others.

In order for us to protect your content using a password authentication model (ie: a video can be downloaded or viewed but
must be first checked against a password database.) we need to have a detailed description of what kind of authentication
you use on your server(s).

We can customize our DRM keying technologies to work most systems which use .htaccess or some kind of password
database system. Although there maybe a setup charge before we can begin to protect your content using DRM.

We can also create passive DRMs without much customizing. Passive DRMs basically grant a key to each user - this is
usually used for marketing purposes when FREE content is made available on the web. (This may include short promotion
videos, etc.)

Digital Rights Management keying can provide hundreds of different solutions such as:

* The ability to not copy the content or copy the content a limited amount.
* Force users to remain members of your site in order to view content.

In order to provide DRM keying to your viewers, you must be providing your content using Windows Media 9. Which
means that if you are streaming your content you will need to have a US server running Windows Media Services (running
the latest version) and your viewers will need to be viewing your content using Windows Media 9 or above.

If you are providing your content as a download feature you can host your content on a Unix or windows web server and
you viewers will still need Windows Media 11.


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